Golf is a fascinating game and you can fall in love with it at the age of 2 and continue playing it at 92. Besides, it is believed to be the only game played on the Moon and in outer space, so we can confidently say that it is a universal game. There are many interesting circumstances surrounding its origin, rules, famous players and achievements on the field and in this post you will find a compilation of just a few of the most curious facts.

Origin of golf

There are many debates around the origin of golf and the Chinese claim that a similar game was played in their country back in the 10th century. At present, however, there are two countries that can claim to be the motherland of modern golf - the Netherlands and Scotland. A game resembling golf, called apocryphally, was developed in the Netherlands in the Middle Ages and the first record of it dates back to 26 February 1297. It was played with a stick and ball and the aim was to get the ball into a target several hundred yards away with the least number of strokes. There are some historians who also claim that in the 17th century the Dutch played a game of colf/kolf in which they had to putt a small ball into a hole. Colf was considered a dangerous game back in that ages and there are several documents showing that it was banned, one of which is from 1360 when the council of Brussels stated that anyone playing colf will be fined 20 shillings or his overcoat will be confiscated. Nevertheless, the game didn't disappear but thrived. The first recorded game of kolf/colf was played by the Dutch settlers of Fort Orange (present Albany, New-York) in December 1650. It is interesting that the game was played all year round, including on ice during the winter.

On the other hand, Scots claim that the modern game of golf, as it is played today on 18 holes, originated in Scotland. It is curious that the actual written evidence of it comes from a document issued by the Scottish Parliament and King James II of Scotland in 1457 that bans golf and football, since they distract the men from their military practice. There were subsequent similar Acts in 1471 and 1491, where golf was even described as "an unprofitable sport". Rumour also says that Mary, Queen of Scots, played golf after her second husband was murdered.

All in all, golf proved to be a worthy game that survived through the ages despite the numerous bans and was loved both by the masses and the nobility.

Interesting stories of modern golf history

Golf is played around the globe and not only. On 9 February 1967, while on the Moon to conduct science experiments, Alan B. Shepard used a modified six-iron to hit a golf ball. At the same time his colleague Edgar Mitchell throw a javelin and thus they competed in what Mitchell later described as "the first lunar Olympics." The golf ball and the javelin are still on the Moon, while the iron can be seen at the USGA Golf House in Far Hills, N.J.

Golf was again played outside the boundaries of the Earth on 22 November 2006 this time in open space, when Russian cosmonaut Michael Tyurin hit a golf ball while performing his fourth space walk. The ball weighted only 3 grams, while a standard golf ball is 48 grams, to avoid damage of the space station in case it hits it.

Some curious golf-related facts have Asian origin. In Japan the golfers have a "hole-in-one" insurance. This is to cover their expenses in case they hit a hole-in-one, because the tradition is to invite all your friends to a party with presents to share the luck. In China on the other hand, despite claiming to have something to do with the origin of golf, the development of new golf courses was banned. Well, it doesn't mean it has stopped because investors simply avoid stating that they are constructing a golf course when submitting the plans for approval.

What does golf stand for?

There is a popular myth that the word golf has nothing to do with Dutch or Scottish old words of colf/kolf or gowf but that it is an acronym, which means "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden". Interesting what Marlene Hagge, the co-founder of the LPGA Tour would say about that. Or Annika Sorenstam, who is considered to be the greatest female golfer of all times.
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Golf Swing Tempo and Knowing How Your Rhythm and Tempo Lead to Consistent Golf Swings
By Leon Edward
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Seven Surprising Benefits of a Golf Membership
By Andrew Stratton
The beautiful, semi private, member owned mountain golf course boasts 18 challenging holes of tree lined fairways, manicured greens, and several streams and ponds. The course layout follows the natural contours of the land, which creates a perfect setting for a challenging golf course with exhilarating views. Two distinct nines test all aspects of a player's game. Narrow tree-lined fairways require accuracy on both nines, but especially on holes 10 through 18. The fast, gently contoured greens require a keen eye and soft putting stroke.

Several different types of individual and family memberships are available for your convenience. There is sure to be one that meets your needs!

Scheduled activities for men and women provide opportunities to play and socialize. The Golf Committee coordinates a Golf Clinic to encourage “newbies” to learn the game of golf.

Not only does Linville Land Harbor have its own challenging 18-hole mountain golf course, Linville Land Harbor is close to many other beautiful golf courses. With close proximity to courses in Boone, Banner Elk, and the surrounding towns, there's no better place to purchase Linville North Carolina Real Estate. The lots and properties at Linville Land Harbor are some of the most stunning Luxury Golf Course Real Estate listings you will find!! This is North Carolina Golf at its finest!

For one low yearly fee, members enjoy unlimited golf year-round and daily green fees are also available. Most resident golfers own their own golf carts. A well stocked golf shop offers moderately priced golf apparel and various golf items. Many Land Harbor Logo items are available that even the non - golfer would enjoy wearing. If you have any golf questions, please contact us at 828-733-8325.

Pro Shop
The Pro Shop at the Linville Land Harbor Golf Club boasts the latest equipment the industry has to offer. We are open to the public and carry the top brands for all of your recreational needs. We carry Golf, Tennis, Pickleball & Fishing equipment. Top brands include Under Armour, Columbia, Bermuda Sands, Titleist, Wilson Staff, Tervis, Callaway & Srixon. Be sure to stop by our Pro Shop before you head out for all your fun and adventure this season.

Practice Facilities
Stop by the hitting bay, located by our putting green before you head out on the course. A pre-round warm up will help you focus on your game and get into the swing that you need to play your best round. Get a feel for the course on our putting green and practice bunker before you hit the course. You can also stop by after work to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous scenery while you hit a few balls.

The Patio Grill
Stop by our newly built addition next to Hole #9 for a quick bite to eat or drink. Spend time with friends or family on the screened in deck while enjoying the surroundings of the golf course. The Patio Grill will be open for both breakfast & lunch during the operational season (May - October).

May - October
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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The key to consistency on the golf course is consistency in one's golf swing. The best way to develop a consistent golf swing is to establish a consistent rhythm. The best way to develop a consistent rhythm is to develop a consistent tempo. Tempo is best defined as the rate of speed used to perform each incremental part of the swinging process.

Notice that rhythm and tempo are two different concepts. Rhythm relates to how each part of the swing fits together while tempo relates to the speed at which a swing is made. With a consistent rhythm and tempo, golfers can create the ability to better control their swing.

The task of developing a useful and consistent tempo requires the golfer look at several aspects of the swing process in order to better understand how everything fits together.

1. Relaxation - When the body is rigid, the golfer is required to force the body to do what they want it to do. By maintaining a relaxed stance and disposition, the golfer can allow the body to naturally develop its own rhythm and subsequent tempo.

2. Misuse of Strength - There's a misconception that swinging harder will launch the golf ball farther. In fact, swinging harder is more apt to force the golfer off-balance, which often results in a wayward shot. Each golfer has a natural center of strength. By developing their golf swing with the proper tempo, that natural strength should be more than enough to maximize the distance a golfer can get from their shot.

3. Using Rhythm to Develop Tempo - The golf swing has three components, the back swing, locking of position at the top of the swing and the release into the upswing. If the golfer can develop a consistent, smooth rhythm for these three components, they stand a far better chance of developing a consistent tempo that will render consistent results. Again, rhythm and temp are two different concepts that interact closely with each other.

4. Setting Rhythm and Tempo in Motion - When a golfer addresses the ball by standing over it for an extended period of time, they are creating a situation where they have to start their swing from a locked position. By minimizing the amount of time they address the ball, they can make a smoother transition into their swing, which often translates to a smoother rhythm and consistent tempo.

5. Maximizing Tempo - The value derived from a faster swing can only be realized if the golfer is able to consistently maintain their balance. By spending extra time at the range working on swing tempo, a golfer should be able to find the optimum amount of tempo they can create with losing their rhythm and balance.

By gaining this basic understanding of the difference between rhythm and tempo, the golfer can hopefully better understand how these two swing components interact with each other. Consistent results often depend on the golfer's ability to develop a rhythm and golf swing tempo that they can control at all times.

Watch free golf fitness and exercise videos online at the author's website that target specific muscle groups used in your golf game, improving body motion or flexibility. These video tips, techniques, drills are from local and pro golf trainers, proven to improve aspects of your game and eliminating several bad golf playing habits.

There's no better way to relieve stress than by heading outside and hitting the links. Still, the expenses of tee times, reservations, and fees can start to add up over time. Signing up for a golf membership can help players save money and become part of their local sports community. Here are a few reasons to consider purchasing a membership:

Saving Money: Every quality course charges players a fee, and if they play on a regular basis, those fees add up quickly. With a golf membership, players can visit as often as they want, provided the tee times are available. There are no extra charges associated with reserving the tee time, giving everyday players a huge price break.

Sense of Community: Golf courses are incredible places to socialize and develop connections with like-minded individuals in the community. By becoming a member of the club, golfers gain access to functions, tournaments, and other social events throughout the year. These events help newer members get to know the rest of the community and foster strong relationships among the members.

Track Handicap: If a golfer wants to get more serious about the sport, they'll need to start tracking their handicap. While it is possible to keep track as a guest, it's far easier as a member. Most clubs offer member-only tournaments to help newer players establish a handicap and track their improvements. Knowing a handicap is not required for casual players, but it is useful if they wish to start competing in amateur tournaments.

Access to Other Amenities: Most clubs have a clubhouse filled with amenities designed to make the facility feel more like a resort than a golf course. With most memberships, use of the facility is included in the annual or monthly fee and may cover spouses and older children as well. The amenities offered by each club will vary, but they often include a weight room, tennis courts, and an on-site spa or pool. Becoming a member of a club can turn an often-solitary sport into a family affair.

Onsite Coaching: Many clubs want to help their members improve their skills by having a network of professional coaches that come to the club to provide lessons. Often, members receive a discount on the cost of lessons. They also have the advantage of unlimited practice time on the course.

Flexible Playing Options: Non-members pay to play either 9 or 18 holes per tee time. This means they cannot simply play a few holes and call it a day without losing money. With a golf club membership, an individual can show up and play as many or as few holes as they want without worrying about the cost.

Better Tee Times: With a golf membership, golfers have access to better tee times than those reserved for the general public. Members typically get the first choice of tee times each day, allowing them to play when it's most convenient for them.

Anyone interested in frequently hitting the links should consider purchasing a membership at their local clubhouse. The financial and social benefits of joining make the upfront cost well worth the investment.
Curious Facts About Golf and Its History
By Mariela Peneva