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Golfing The Carolinas is an easy to use online golf course directory that makes it a snap to find golf courses in North Carolina and South Carolina to plan a day of golf, or to plan a golf trip. The list of golf courses is broken down by geographical area, making it easier to find a course in the targeted area where you want to play. Or, you can simply browse the site and view our list of golf courses to make future plans, see photos of courses and learn more about where you want to play. Visit today.
Featured Course: Mountain Aire Golf Club
1396 Fairway Ridge Drive • West Jefferson, NC 28694
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The Importance of Flexibility in Golf Especially for Aging Golfers With Stretching Exercises
By Leon Edward
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Located in West Jefferson and nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge, Mountain Aire is an established, public course offering 18 holes of well-maintained fairways, complimented by the natural, rugged beauty of the Appalachians. It is located just 30 minutes from Boone. In addition to offering a challenging round of mountain golf, Mountain Aire also "plays" the backdrop for a beautiful golf community called Fairway Ridge.

Whether you are interested in a fun round of golf or looking at spectacular views of the golf course and surrounding mountains, Mountain Aire is the place to play. Mountain Aire Golf Club features a course of moderate length that can be enjoyed by players of different skill levels with its four sets of tees. The blue course plays to a length of 6,415 yards, a modest length by today’s standards, but the course record of 64 indicates that the course defends itself well against par. We recommend the blue course for accomplished players with a handicap of less than 10. The white course measures 5,858 yards, and while the course record is 62, the white course gives most men all they can handle. The gold course is 4,852 yards and is just right for juniors, seniors and ladies who need a little more length than the red tees provide. The red course is played by most ladies and measures 4,140 yards. It is not as long as many ladies courses and can be enjoyed by ladies of all skill levels. The ladies course record is 65. Visit
A Picture of Mountain Aire Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words!
If your range of motion is limited by inflexibility or even stiffness, one's golf game will be severely affected as club speed will not be as fast.

Stretching workouts, which work very well with strengthened muscles are really reliable in assisting to enhance range of motion and becoming more flexible. These workouts normally have a significant effect on the quality of the golf swing for the majority of players. Studies have shown dynamic golfing stretches result in greater club head speeds than not stretching with increased ball speed plus straighter swing paths.

A flexibility workout for golf is an important part to carrying out a repeatable, effective, and mechanically sound golf swing. The quicker you understand a muscle stretching workout for golf is a requirement, the quicker you will certainly see benefits in improvement.
The reason that stretching workouts for golf are so efficient in improving the golf swing is since they tone the muscles and enhance them in such a way that the abnormal and unusual motion of the golf swing feels as comfortable and as natural as possible to the body. The more natural a golf swing feels, the much better your golf swing will certainly be.

Technically, the golf swing needs a greater level of smoother motion or versatility to produce optimal power. Turning your upper body (shoulders) perpendicularly, while turning your hip, about half of this motion, requires a lot of strength in your core yet remain flexible. Even if one is strong, the limitation of range of motion, how far back your swing will start and finish, are most important in limiting club speed.

Types of Stretching exercises
Really there are numerous types of stretching workouts for golf. They stretches described here can be easily done at home, some in an office setting in a chair or standing position. No weights are involved.

There are likewise stretching workouts for golf that need to be done with dumbbells. So as not to lose the range of motion, light weights are used so increasing bulk is not an issue. The goal for working with weights for golfers is not bulk but rather body strength of stabilizing muscles that will add to or strengthen the force of the swinging.

Stretches In the Home or Workplace
Possibly a choice you have to make when you have a couple of minutes and thinking about something. You can quickly do your thinking as you perform the easy stretch workouts.
Among the workouts that can be performed in this scenario is twisting your upper body to touch and reach as far back on one side of the chair as you can. This stretching workout for golf ought to be repeated, similarly for the opposite side of your chair.

Range of Motion is improved with stretching exercises as when you try simply rotating your shoulders forward or backward to stretch your shoulders in a rotated shoulder stretch exercise. Also for golfing range of motion improvement would be shoulder horizontal adduction and the shoulder doorway stretch. Simply rotating your ankles similarly both rotations, clockwise and counterclockwise will not only stretch but strengthen your ankles with these seated ankle rotations. Another exercise at home or office using only body weight are seated or sanding calf raises. Even if using a cart, the calves can become tight after 18 holes, so this routine is much appreciated on the weekends.
While lunges and squats are primarily to strengthen your hips and lower body, they require flexible motion that one can really feel at first especially as one ages. If you want to focus on stretching hips and improving the range of motion here, try hip drops,hip rotators, hip flexor stretch and a seated hip stretch. Quad stretch with torso rotation has multiple benefits as an exercise. For golfers, improving balance is a plus while stretching the quadriceps.

More stretches to aid in golf are hamstring stretch, sideflexion, hand behind back club stretch, wrist flexor stretch, neck flexion, trunk rotation.

A quick search online can show several videos from many health oriented respected websites when searching the exercises bolded in above last 2 sections on stretching exercises.

Lifelong Flexibility Exercise For Golf
It is a smart idea to continue with your stretching workout for golf for keeping your body and muscles in great condition for playing golf and specifically the golf swing. Stretching workouts for golf are the actual secret to enhancing your golf during the natural aging process.

I hope you now understand the significance of stretching workouts for golf at any age however as you age stiffness can change versatility that comes more natural for more youthful professional athletes. Senior golf players are the prime target to benefit the most from a flexibility workout for golf.
Many pro's carry three wedges in their bag, and have what is called a wedge system to cover anything from 50 - 110 yards. A lot of players may have started playing pitch and putt before playing golf, but then may neglect pitching or pitching practice when playing golf. The ability to pitch well, know and control your distances and to do this consistently takes practice. You can potentially take two shots to hole out where you once hit four shots.

It is good idea to have a practice plan in place first in order to achieve the best results. When your next playing take a small notebook with you, for each hole make a quick note of each hole, for example: Hole 1 - Par 5, drive left, 5 iron short, pitch 100, chip 10, 2 putts. This can be shortened for example: DL, 5i sht, ptch100, cp 10, 2 pts.

Now at the end of your round how many times did you pitch? How many times did you chip, one, two or even three putt after your pitch shot. Did you notice any patterns in your pitching distances? Do you pitch from 70 - 80 yards on more than one occasion and if so how many occasions did you play this shot?

Once you have worked out what pitching shots you make you need to work out which wedges you need, a simple wedge system can consist of 48, 54 and 60 wedges. Do you know the lofts of the wedges in your bag and how far you can hit each wedge?

Once you have worked out what pitching shots you play in your typical round, the average length you hit your wedges and the wedges you need in your bag you are ready to start pitching practice with your goals already pre-determined.

"I want to hit my 60 wedge consistently 40 yards." Now the acid test is can you do this 10 times without much shot distance variations?

Develop two swing lengths, a full swing and a partial swing. Now two swing lengths x three wedges gives us six distances. If we already know from our course notes what the length of your typical pitch is you simply pick the wedge and the swing to match the distance. Don't be tempted to change the swing length for distance, shot consistency is what we are looking for. If you’re in between a shot selection swing harder or softer. Practice rhythm and repetition. Don't rely on "feel" alone to pitch.
Know the pitches you play, pick your wedges and stick to two swings (six shots) for lower scores.
Build A Wedge System for Consistent Pitching
By Dan P. Cole
Why do I think distance is overrated and why you shouldn't focus on it? Great question, and there are several things that I believed are affected by the obsession with distance.

Our obsession with distance has caused many of us to swing well beyond our means in an attempt to hit it longer. However, even if we hit it farther, can we control it? Also, is trying to hit it that extra ten or fifteen yards worth giving up control and will it make a major difference on your next shot?

If you are told to throw a ball 15 yards, then 20 yards, then 30 yards, do you have to think about how to throw it farther or do you just throw harder to get it to go farther? All of this golfing "techno-babble" has caused us to get confused. For example, I hear people talk about lag, delayed hit, leading with the hips, spine angle, two piece or one piece takeaway, swing plane, and about fifteen more things. For the average golfer this is too much complexity to swing a golf club. Your body already knows what to do. We make it too complicated!!!

Reasons you shouldn't obsess over hitting it longer:

1. Trying to hit the ball long can take the fun out of golf. You are not enjoying golf by hitting it all over the place trying to hit it long. As a result, you get frustrated and do not enjoy the round.

2. Trying to hit the ball long can cause slow play. Not being able to hit it long enough from the tee box can cause you to hit the ball too many times, hit your driver on too many holes and to hit longer shots into the greens. If you are not long and accurate enough, this results in slow play.

3. Trying to hit the ball long can inhibit development if you are a beginner to intermediate and you can't hit your driver accurately, yet! I think you shouldn't try to hit it long, but you should move up to a forward tee box and hit 3-wood or 5-wood to keep the ball in play and be a reasonable distance from the green to reach or be around it on your second shot. As a result, this would help you become a better golfer, use strategy the way the course designer intended, and have more fun. As you become better, then you can move back to tougher tee boxes.

In conclusion, I feel that distance is overrated and it causes problems on the course for players that are playing from the wrong tee box or for beginning to intermediate players who are focusing on distance and not enjoying the game. Trying to hit the ball farther than your capabilities can be frustrating. Wanting to play from tee boxes that are too far back for you can slow play for everyone on the course. Trying to hit the ball long, when you are just beginning, can hinder your development.

Play from the correct tee box, learn strategy, and you will enjoy playing the course as the architect designed it. For example, you are playing a hole with black, blue, white, and green tee boxes and the green is 430 yards from the black, 400 yards from the blue, 380 yards from the white and 330 yards from the green. If you can hit your driver 280 yards, then if you play from the black, this leaves you 150 yards to the green. But, if you can only hit your driver 230 yards, and you play from the black, this would leave you 200 yards to the green. This is almost as far as you can hit it with a driver. So, you would be hitting a 3-wood, its maximum, and it still can't reach the green. I recommend moving up to the white tee box, hitting your driver 230 yards would leave you 150 yards to the green. This would make it more fun and enjoyable for all and the pace of play would be a lot better. Play within your abilities and have more fun.
Why Distance Is Overrated in Golf!
By Guy Westbrook
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